Dirty Workx

Dirty Workx

Andrew had a great idea, using uni students as short term labour hire for businesses and individuals that need help fast. He had a website but couldn't quite figure out how to get it going - not helped by his host and their terrible support. He was paying more than he needed to and getting less than he deserved. We gave the old useless host the flick and took care of everything ourselves, then went and built a brand new website from scratch.

From there, things have only grown. Dirty Workx needed to take some pressure off their administration staff, so I created an onboarding system that lets employees sign their contract online, and feeds all of their details directly into his account keeping software. When a large recruitment agency tried to sell him on their subscription-based service, he showed them what I built and they were blown away - that what I created from scratch rivals the software used by large hospitality and hotel chains. 

Now he has a great website - simple to use, with all the information needed, and a suite of custom features under the hood. 


Andrew Minehan


12 June 2017


agency, new, construction, custom code