Beautiful Memories

Beautiful Memories

Robyn spent a lot of money on her website, and then spent a lot more money after hackers took it over and defaced it. The site was running an old, insecure version of the Joomla CMS and it showed - the site was still infested with fake Russian users when she asked for help.

We upgraded to the latest version of Joomla, which meant the whole site had to be rebuilt from scratch. We fixed the security issues, stopping fake users from signing up to be administrators. They still try though - the Google Analytics integration we added lets us see a lot of traffic from Russia trying to access the site. But thanks to us, they can't get in. 

Now she has a beautiful website, her business shows up properly in Google, and she doesn't have to worry so much about Russians taking control of her page.


Robyn Meyers-Jones


03 April 2016


events, upgrade, redesign