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Save to Google Sheets

AUD $19.95

This plugin lets you save data from your form to your Google Sheets spreadsheets.

It's finally here! With the Sky Spider Save to Google Sheets action you will be able to save any data - from forms, database reads, or custom code - from any of your Chronoforms V6 forms and Chronoconnectivity V6 connections to your Google Sheets Spreadsheets.

The plugin supports saving a pre-built array with multiple values or you can manually select your data by column letter.

The action is very easy to use and includes an additional view tab with step-by-step instructions to get you going in minutes. For a proof of concept you can use the demo form linked below.

Demo Form

How to Install - Joomla Plugin Installer Installer (Joomla Only) NEW!

To install the new action on Joomla, download the plg_SkySpiderCFv6<ExtensionName>.zip file and install it the same way you would install any other Joomla (under Extensions→ManageInstall), and then enable it (under Extensions→Plugins). The first time you install the plugin will install the action to Chronoforms, and enabling the plugin will ensure it stays installed when you update Chronoforms or Chronoconnectivity.

How to Install - Chronoforms Installer (Joomla and Wordpress)

To install the new action, download the function.<ExtensionName>.zip file (don't extract it). In your Chronoforms menu click "Install feature" and upload the zip file. Using this method, the action will need to be reinstalled whenever Chronoforms or Chronoconnectivity are updated.


  • Because of limitations with Joomla and Chronoforms, this action will need to be re-installed each time you update Chronoforms unless you use the Joomla Plugin version.
  • Make sure you re-install the action BEFORE you save any changes to your form.
  • This action is ONLY for Chronoforms v6

Version 1.0